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What’s Cooking?

As you might expect, our committee gets a bunch of ideas at various stages of development. Sometimes a missing ingredient must be located. Sometimes just a little more time is required. Some might be ready to be served. Take a look and see if anything clicks with you. You may be the missing ingredient we are looking for. We are looking for constructive suggestions, comments, ideas, from good people like you.

Front Burner

  • Good Dog! is an amazing idea that is getting off the ground. They are providing service dogs for families affected by Autism. The committee will be listening to hear the hopes and dreams of Laura Sylvester to discern if and how we can help them influence San Diego for good.  Check out the blog.
  • Anyone with expertise in fund raising? We run across many wonderful people who can use ideas, training, and the gracious services of experienced people in raising funds for their various causes.
  • Currently we are looking for people who have a knack for creative business models. These folks may be business entrepreneurs, marketing folks, people who can coach startups.
  • We could use some folks that know their way around promoting a message or cause via social media.
  • We are looking for a webmaster for the

Back Burner

  • There is a neat opportunity to partner with Pomerado Christian Church (PCC) to start a community garden. They have a plot of land that they would love to use in this manner. Friends there are interested in working with the Palomar Pomerado Health Community Action Council in some of their nutrition awareness/gardening projects.  There is enthusiasm for this project and Cascade could help with irrigation installation, etc. But we wouldn’t move forward with this idea unless there was a person or a group of passionate gardeners that felt they simply had to do this because they were made for something like this… or something like this.
  • Anyone out there know their way around micro-financing?